D&T – GSA Director – Tom Inns

JS30835278-3001296It seems like Tom Inns is a breath of fresh air for the art school. It seems right to bring someone in that has experience of education and working in a creative industry. He seemed to have a lot of plans for the art school, seeing it as a business and a profitable organisation for which the Art School can benefit.

Whenever a new boss arrives in an organisation such a school there is always a big shake up, and Glasgow School of Art needs this. I think there has been the benefit of the new Reid building to start the ball rolling. There has been a lot of teething problems with the building and Mr Inns has dealt with it well discussing with staff and students what the problems are and what needs to be improved.

It was nice to know his background, studying engineering in Bristol and then moved to more creative streams in the Royal College of Art working through various institutions and was recently a head of department at the University of Dundee. I’m looking forward to seeing more changes to GSA.


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