D&T – GSA Digital Design Studio

Sydney Opera House

The image above is a 3D scan on the Sydney Opera House. It was produced by GSA’s Digital Design Studio. This small department of the GSA seems to be mainly unknown to most of the students, however they produce and develop a lot of digital images, videos and games.

The seem to work with medicine a lot, developing games and head tracking videos such as a detailed skull model they had modelled that followed the viewer around the room. From what the speaker told us they did have virtual reality technology like Oculus Rift but it did not seem they had embraced it as much as the gaming industry.

This also made me wonder if GSA have a digital modelling course to teach students how to produce games and animations? Turns out it has a Digital Culture course that I have never heard of. I keep feeling for a relatively small institution why don’t departments integrate more? Or perhaps PDE is a course out of the loop with the rest of the school due to its links with the university. Hopefully with a new director the school can step out of the 20th century a bit more.

However, it was a fun trip and nice to see what they did over in Pacific Quay.

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