Being an intern at 4c Design

Me welding at 4c Design

[stag_intro]On 22nd May 2013 I nervously walked towards a small office at the back of a industrial estate in north of Glasgow. This was my first day… well afternoon, at 4c Design. For the next 3 months myself and Michael (check out his Coroflot), were to be interns there working on a very pretty stick…. as well as, um, the odd sheep ball.[/stag_intro]

Turns out it was one of the best 3 months I’ve ever spent, met some great people. Learnt a lot, even some slightly embarrassing workshop skills we should have known; Yes ok, I didn’t know how to drill and screw together 2 pieces of MDF before Mr Tom Harris showed me. This website was set up and created with the help of Michael (another Michael), who was a great help and was always happy to help if you asked, along with John (the CAD genius). The Boss, Robin, a passionate man, I definitely admire him for setting up a company just after graduating and sticking with it, going through rough times but it seems to be working out. The design man, Will, you know you can trust and he definitely knows what good design is.

Just thought I’d list off everything I can remember that I learnt at 4c: Better Solidworks, how to use a milling machine, how to use a lathe, how to TIG weld, mould silicon parts, use illustrator better, video editing, polishing, SEOs, sheep castration, how the business works, presentation, what a good speaker is, don’t go to the cafe round the corner your panini will be burnt… every time, prototyping, rendering and much more….

Oh, I haven’t really mentioned that pretty stick properly… More to come!


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