Reload Protein Shaker

More and more people are using supplements to help energise when exercising and recover afterwards. Supplement powders such as protein are mixed with water, shaken and drunk. After lots of testing on existing products and collaboration with CrossFit Glasgow I discovered four key problems with shaker bottles – mixing, durability, ease of use and convenience.

Reload has been developed to solve all four of these key problems. With its unique lock and load system, Reload allows users to have a shake at any time and anywhere they want, without the fuss of carrying around extra containers for the powder. With its central opening and nonstick coating Reload is easier to clean than any of its predecessors. A stainless steel grid in the middle cuts through the lumps of powder providing a smooth, enjoyable drink. Reload is made of robust tritan copolyester which is food safe, impact resistant and odour and taste resistant.

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